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Northern College Bangladesh (NCB), under Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Dhaka, and National University Gazipur, is a venture of NUBT. NCB was established by private initiative to provide education particularly in the field of Bank Management, Business Administration & Technology, Computer Science and Engineering. Its legacy date is a few years back when the institution started with the vision of developing trained human resources to meet increasing challenge and opportunities in the new millennium. The specialty of its nature made it a very distinct kind of university-level-institution in the private sector. Some renowned educationists conceived the idea of starting an institution for quality education in the field of Bank Management, Business Administration & Technology. From the beginning, participation of academicians, bankers and non-government organizations helped shaping NCB as it is today.
The mission of NCB is to make meaningful contribution to the national development through its teaching, research and other related activities. Its aim is imparting an education that is resonance to the society's need; is also able to develop creative personality and actively contribute for learning, understanding and acquiring of knowledge. The Vision of NCB is to ensure quality education which will equip the students with necessary skill and knowledge for leading the country in its path to development. Along with this, the institution will continuously provide an environment for human faculty development. NCB will strive to ensure a high academic standard by carefully enhancing high quality teaching,utilizing modern and effective instructional method, aids, continuous monitoring, modern evaluation and all the pertinent activities as well as systems.
NCB has now its permanent campus located in the prime location of Dhaka city. We are trying to develop our environment of study always for the betterment of the students and teachers. We are working hard for the building up of our society. Visit us and stay connected with us. As a great & wise man had once said: “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.”-Mahatma Gandhi
Welcome to visit the website of Northern College Bangladesh. We live in an era that is changing very fast. Major uprising changes are taking place in the scene of higher education in Bangladesh on business & technology following its fast changing pattern. Given this reality, higher institutions of learning must gear up themselves to these epoch making changes. NCB (Northern College Bangladesh) faces all these challenges, because its motto is “Knowledge for innovation & change”. We aim to provide to our students knowledge & skill based education on business & technology. As an academician I give greater value to the high quality education system and not compromising with the quality of education under the supervision of National University (NU) and Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education (BISE) Dhaka. We are confident that students from all corners of Bangladesh will be able to prepare themselves for taking the leadership that is required contemporary world of business and technology. NCB is an integral part of NUBT (Northern University Bangladesh Trust) and NUBT wishes to extend its very necessary support to this institution. Ever since taking over as a chairman of NUBT, I have tried to infuse vibrancy and efficiency in the institution governed by the trust. I must acknowledge that NCB’s approach is a pragmatic one. As a chairman of the trust I would like to state my confidence on the success of NCB as a unique higher secondary, undergraduate & postgraduate level educational institution. I would reiterate that we will give every possible support of NCB to take it to a greater height in the future. I look forward to the prospective of students for their earlier visit of Northern College Bangladesh. I wish every success to NCB.
Northern College Bangladesh (NCB) offers a truly unique Management and Technological education in the HSC & Undergraduate level in order to meet up the social needs. The development in information and communication technology has brought about a rapid increase in global communication and information networks and at the same time, it has given rise to varieties of new changes in management. The curriculum of the HSC ( Science & Business Studies ), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and B.Sc. Honors in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Programs provides business and technical education and it enables students to possess the ability to foresee the possibility of development and implement this knowledge to improve the level of living of people in the country. NCB is founded on this ideology for which NCB is acclaimed as a provider of top-level business and technical education in the country. Students pursuing professional career in business and technical education will leave NCB with not only a certificate and a deep knowledge of how the business world works but also a lifelong personal and professional network of friends and contacts in Bangladesh as well as abroad. The students of HSC level are improving results more than the SSC level, which leads them to pursue higher degree from the reputed universities in the country and abroad. Such a combination of knowledge, skill and networking capability is recognized all over the world as a path towards higher career goals. This is why; the moral advice of NCB is “Knowledge for Innnovation and Change”

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90% class of 2018

HSC students are in the best universities

92% class of 2018

bachelor’s recipients were employed

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bachelor’s recipients were employed

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